Appropriate Attire

Interviews, Weddings, Engagements, Birthdays, Lunches, Coffee sessions, Funerals, Meetings with Ministers. What do all these events have in common? Your attire.

Though I focus on having the right outfit for each occassion, sometimes the joy of lounging is overshadowed by coordinating an outfit for it. People will tell you misnomers like, its what you say not what you wear. In a perfectly happy world, you could get away with trying to get to know someone disregarding the perception thats already taken root in your psyche due to their appearance.

Special attention is placed on interview attire and meetings with high ranking professionals. Like, for my meeting with the Minister on March 21st, what should I wear that won’t bundle me into the “over zealous immigrant wanting her claim as an intellectual equal” in her mind and thus cause her to over look my representation? Do I go all out and bring the closest thing in my closet to a suit jacket? Or keep it funky and down to earth seeing as she is meeting the ethnic youth advisory group while dazzling her with my calculated words and nearly pearly white smile?

There’s no way of me addressing this concern satisfactorily so why not work on the questions I want to ask her.

For example:

  • Minister do you know Peter Costello personally? If so does he have any ethnic friends? Do you have any ethnic friends?
  • Your portfolio sees you overseeing many important areas. Can you maybe outline for me what your office has identified as the most signifcant concerns for Migrant women and ethnic communities?
  • What are you/your office doing about these concerns?
  • What constitutes a “moderate” muslim?

And, please address my most pressing concern.

  • What, on God’s brown earth are Australian Values?

None of these questions would make it on the agenda for March 21st’s meeting. So I’m back to square one with my clothes.



8 thoughts on “Appropriate Attire

  1. You could always take an article by ali eteraz.

    who is elvis costello anyway?

    why would you be meeting him?

    go into government!

    you’re on a posting roll recently.

    oh, btw, you can use a few more wordpress widgets for the side panel.

  2. Heyyyy J-Lo look-alike!! Maybe you should ask yourslef how J-Lo would dress up if she would be meeting a minister!! LOL. But on a serious side, I think you should keep it formal and war a suit-jacket kindda thing, Makes it look professional!!

  3. abrar: can i just refer to you as murgha from now on?
    a) i’ll be going from work so i’ll be dressed sort of formal anyway. i’m thinking maybe red??

    b) no comments on my disillusion with IT? you’re a BA, tell me something!

    ali: Peter Costello is the Treasurer (howard’s right hand man, go ahead and make crude jokes) and he made a speech which actually pissed me off. generally i just ignore political drivel. i cant find the speech/news story right now but if/when i do, i’ll send it to you. its this ongoing debate. Howard gets on tele and announces theres no such thing as multiculturalism and they coin the term “australian values” so they can use it against the ppl who despite having been here since the 1800s went unnoticed untill recently. no one’s EVER made mention of these values. like what they actually are. but we’re meant to abide by it. or we can go back to our own countries.

    also what widgets shall i use for the side panel?

  4. widget: [possibly evoking “window gadget”] In graphical user
    interfaces, a combination of a graphic symbol and some program
    code to perform a specific function. E.g. a scroll-bar or
    button. Windowing systems usually provide widget libraries
    containing commonly used widgets drawn in a certain style and
    with consistent behaviour

  5. Hey, dont call me murgha!! I am the one whose exposing the murghas all over the place!! I hope your love for J-Lo is not on par with Britey Spears!! She seems to be my latest victime. I have even posted a pitcure of her on the blog this time!! LOL

    RED!!!! Hmmmm…….. Personally, I think Black suits make the best statement!! They kindda make you come out as a strong person and more in control. Maybe you should google this. They always have all the answer. I am no fashion expert!!

  6. Hey Abrar, I like your energy, what with all the exclamation points 🙂

    Come on, then what am i meant to call your blog? Its gotta be a little more creative than “Murgha of the Day by Abrar”… I’ll call it… Abrar v. Murgha… no that sux.

    Ok i’ll think of something.

    Re: Red. Its just a red top and I’m not wearing a suit or whatever. That would be a bit over the top. I should perhaps ask if we’re required to wear something fancy.

    re: J-Lo. I’m quite apathetic towards all things J-Lo although i own one of her fragrances, only coz i liked the smell. And its unfortunate but her hubby hopping makes for some excellent light entertainment. The whole J-Lo thing comes from the comparison some ppl have drawn b/n me and her… saying i look like her. I take this as one of those ridiculously hilarious things that can happen to someone and therefore use it any chance I get to demonstrate its ridiculousness. 🙂

    re: britney…. my god. what happened there? jus because everyone was calling her white trash doesnt mean she had to go and become one.

    and for crying out loud abrar. i need some critique on my IT post. are you a BA or what?

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