Bad Mommy

The Khan Press would like to advise its readers that this article contains graphic explanations of Feline health issues. If you’re easily grossed out, or have an aversion to poeple who treat their pets as people, we reccomend hopping out of this page.

I’ve failed my duty as a mum.

In part due to my cat/child’s obstinance and to a smaller degree to having given into that obstinance. My cat developed a fatal condition last year which accelerated his body’s pH content, forming crystals in his kidney. This rendered my cat unable to empty the contents of his belly. So basically, he couldn’t pee. The experience of slumping his motionless body into a cage to take to the vet to be diagonosed and hopefully fixed; waiting; and the ensuing stress of hospitalising him doesn’t need to be discussed here. I can tell you this though, I felt paralysed by the knowledge that my cat could die. I’d just lost a cat and I really wouldn’t have been able to handle loosing another.

As of last thursday I noticed that the problem had/may have returned. I noticed blood in his urine and thus panic ensnared my consciousness. Yes the methods of determining the problem are just as fun as treating it. After taking him to the vet Neo was given:

  1. Antibiotics (1 tablet daily, to be administered by me. Method of administration, pry open his mouth, place pill in the middle of his mouth and close. Rub finger over his throat to make him swallow. Depending on the day he’s having and the day you’re having, this needn’t be painful. Today wasn’t one of those days. Mister was in a mood because I disturbed his hunting)
  2. Ear drops to be administered twice a day (so I have to run around after him before I get to work and then again before I go to sleep, pending his mood)
  3. A urine collection kit. This was the fun bit! The packet contains crystals and a pippete. I’m sure you can work out how the collection happens.

Now if you’ve ever owned a cat, you’ll know how difficult administering medication to a cat can be. Neo’s a very gentle and amenable cat. My other cat, Angel (by name only) wasn’t. All this may seem entirely trivial to anyone who has suffered or is currently suffering from having children and it probably is. But having a pet is a responsibility I take very seriously, especially since I’ve discovered their purely innocent and unaffected love.

I remember my state when I took Angel to the vet and was asked to hold her while the vet cleaned her abscess. I nearly passed out because it had burst and the bones in her throat were exposed. No, not good with blood, couldn’t ever be a doctor. I remember wanting to throw up when I was coming back from the vet’s. I remember my state going to the vet. I remember my state waiting for the vet to tell me what was wrong with my Angel. I remember how I felt when she called me on the Sunday morning (jan 2nd, 2004) to tell me she’d had a heart attack in her sleep and had died in the night, after having told me the day before that her medication seemed to be working.

At the time I restructured my future family planning to only include one child. Since then, I’ve calmed down a bit and decided, having maybe two wouldn’t be so bad. So I either have to develop some kind of magical strength that disallows my senses from fraying every time a loved one is hurt OR I will require a husband with strong nerves who can take the kids to and from hospital waiting rooms. He’ll need the ability to calm me down while calming the kids down.

To make matters worse, Neo hasn’t peed in the tray yet and so I have no way of telling if the problem is being cured by the medication or not. What if it isn’t and it gets to a stage where it becomes too hard to detect. Yeah sorry, grand kids are going to have to be one of my other sister’s jobs. No room for bad mommy here I’m afraid.


8 thoughts on “Bad Mommy

  1. ok loooooooooooooooool nerdorama!

    you complain about comparisons to TRINITY but your cat’s name is NEO!



    anyway: i hate cats so i suggest commiting kitticide.

  2. WHAT! you’re officially OFF my list of people to bother with…

    how can you hate cats? how is that possible?

    Sidrah named him Neo (and yes she was desperately in love with Keanu Reeves’ character in The Matrix at the time)

  3. i hated the matrix.

    you know sometimes i dont really read people’s posts I just read their comments and try to guess what the post was about…. eh?

    maybe ill post about this.

    or i could watch the baby…

  4. 😦 I feel so bad right now. I know the pain cos I have lost more than 4 cats in 8 years time.

    u r a cruel woman for writing this excellent post.

  5. Hey, it was no picnic with a dog either. My dog was never trained, and he didn’t like being at the vet; would scramble to get away when he knew it was his turn to go in.

    Unfortunately, in my last few years of having him, he got bitten by other dogs a few times, so we had to go quite often.

    The treatment was ‘flushing’ the wound through a straw that was sticking out of him – and it was very difficult sometimes, most times, trying to trick him to get it done.

    He didn’t have discipline – because I never disciplined him (much). I couldn’t. He wasn’t “just a dog” to me.

    My father was the strict one, and he’d know his place with him.

    Anyway, reading your post reminded me of those treatments.

    And when it came to eye drops, that was just as bad.

    A tip to any would-be pet owner: make sure u get your pet trained from very young. If they get sick or attacked or something (which is pretty much inevitable – with sickness, at least), you want them to be well-behaved when u have to give them medicine. Its just way too much effort if they are the fighting kind when you’ve gotta give them their medicine.

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