Best Pick Me Up, Ever

I’m strangely excited by this new look. I got a fringe today and though I’m not about to post photos of it, it looks really good! I’m excited that it suits me so well. Its good being able to offset internal turmoil using surface redesign. Doesn’t work every time but when it does, It ROCKS! Its a younger, spunkier look and even though its just me and mine that are going to witness it, I absolutely love having it. I’ve got a new look, its surprisingly energising. And because my hair’s naturally thinner at the front of my head, it looks wispy and nice. I’m going to grow it out such that its slanty, currently its all the same length and I wear swept to the side. Yay! 🙂

I think mine’s turning into one of those nonsensical “this is what i did today” blogs. Shame.

*giggles and scampers off flicking her new fringe*

meanwhile, WordPress’ spell checker doesn’t recognise the word “blogs”…


11 thoughts on “Best Pick Me Up, Ever

  1. lol. I didn’t know wordpress had a spell checker! I just let my bad spelling lay out there for all to see! Keep up the “this is what I did today” posts – its good to tell people what you’re all about!

  2. err, i dont know if they care to know…thanks for posting steve 🙂
    meanwhile how can someone with so much brain power not spell properly? surely something went wrong somewhere?

  3. Oh! Shame… well, hows your bloggin at clique coming along (is it clique?) I’ll check your space to find out. Thanks for dropping in 🙂

    ps: you can call me Maryam

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