Poor Mister Downer

Did you know that there's a pretty serious issue between Indonesia and Australia? I'd put my own critique up but I just want to get this entry out of the way (get some work done) and perhaps come back to the critique-ing.

I'm actually not so interested in the political upheaval. My friend Amro Ali was featured in this news story. He got a WHOLE paragraph to his name. Oh yeah!

Check it out here, the excerpt about him states:

Muslim comic Amro Ali was the star act at the dinner, taking the "puss" (to use less offensive Kiwi pronunciation) out of Muslim reactions to all things Danish – including some advice for Danish companies suffering from Arab boycotts. With demand skyrocketing across the Middle East, Amro suggested the Danes switch from exporting ice cream and pastries to Danish flags.

Performing in front of an audience constituting Ambassadors, Diplomats, Chiefs of Police and Journalists is no big fete for Amro who also won last year's ANU Comedy Championship. Find advertisement of this particularly well organised event here.

Amro's already been approached to take his comedy act National. And while his current timetable makes no allowance for such stresses, we remain hopeful. Amro's undertaking a Masters in Middle Eastern Studies and a Masters in Diplomacy at ANU. It has been said and rightly so, that his passion for further education places him in the "somewhat strange" category of people. Amro hopes to commence his PhD next year.




4 thoughts on “Poor Mister Downer

  1. Well well, the first time in a long time that I decide to visit Maryam’s blog, and she’s picked up a brief news article where my name is mentioned in passing, ;). Well, thanks for that Maryam, hope that one day you can come down to one of my performances. You’ll get VIP seating ;).

  2. Um, thats because I'll be your guest of honour. No buts about it. Just lemme know in advance πŸ™‚
    Really proud of you Amro, this is all very excitement.

    jus saw the clips from the night, had me in stitches. good job! πŸ™‚ 

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