Invincibility: The New Look

PERTH (Reuters) – It’s been a hectic quarter in the fashion world with London Fashion Week wrapping up in February, Los Angeles Fashion Week closing in March and preparation for Mercedes Australia Fashion week hotting up.

LA saw us dabbling in timeless elegance demonstrated by Ya Ya, we romanticised with Verdad’s rosy tones and thrilled the colourful ride of Kevin Hall’s latest collection. London showcased designers so varied and original, it took our breath away. Denim made a never-left comeback challenging lace, silk and satin’s crowd and dollar pulling ability. Denim’s “profitable” and its “cute”, says Paul Guez chief executive of Blue Holdings Inc., whose brands Antik Denim, Taverniti and Yanuk all took centre stage at the LA shows.

As a precursor to Mercedes Australia Fashion Week young designers have spotted a new look on the streets of Perth. They’ve called it the Look of Invincibility. Most notable on women, this look resonates strength and is not for the faint of will or mind.

It’s usually worn with a strong persona, one that’s confident and assertive without being over bearing. It’s been seen dressed up with an acerbic wit and a calculating mind. It has also been seen dressed down with a cool demeanour and a happy go lucky attitude.

Women donning this look are viewed as invincible as the strength of their character creates a seemingly impenetrable shield around them. The perceptive eye can easily pick the underlying vulnerabilities this look veils, but most categorise them as “strong, independent types” failing to see beyond their unaffected exterior. These women are the renegades of society challenging cultural notions and paving their own paths; often times choosing to travel the ones less travelled by.

The look is so versatile it suits ravens, red heads, blonds, brunettes and even women who cover their hair. It can be worn any time of the day or night. The look can be accessorised with reserve or a can-do attitude and for nights, with a bright personality or a sparkling sense of humour.

Others are none the wiser that these women are human beings with feelings. There are a few theories around that justify this meme. It has been rumoured that women sporting this look are feminine but apt at concealing all vulnerability. They handle criticism well and don’t balk under the pressure of unfavourable situations. If you’re strong for others and yourself, this look’s for you.

Getting past the invincibility shield isn’t easy and has been likened to running an obstacle course. Challenging, yes. Rewarding and worthwhile, even more so. Women who have carried this look well include Maude Gonne, Jo March, Elizabeth Bennett and Anita Roddick.


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