I tawt I taw a Ghost

Do you believe in ghosts? Are you superstitious? Do you know how to walk in heels? This last question has nothing to do with the topic but I thought I'd ask.

Steven Guess has an interesting piece on this issue. Check, check it out.

On a cold day in 1959, Mrs. Mable Chinnery went with her husband to visit the grave of her beloved mother. She happened to take her new camera, and snapped photos of the gravesite. She turned around and happened to snap this photo of her husband driving up. When the film was developed, she was certain this image of a woman with thick glasses in the back was none other than Mable’s mother. This photo has been examined by experts and has been determined to be authentic.The Ghost of Boothill Cemetary, 1990s


10 thoughts on “I tawt I taw a Ghost

  1. But I do believe in ghosts. I’ve never seen one. But I’ve heard of enough stories to think twice before I raise my brows in skepticism. There are things that defy science. The floating shell of a dead person is one of them.

    I’ve long ago stopped looking for a logical explanation why, when dogs howl at night, i feel my hackles stand on end. They just do. And I just feel scared.

  2. Salaamat,
    I don’t believe in ghosts per se, but aren’t Jinns kinda in the ghost-species? Oh gosh, culturally we could write volumes on Jinn stories alone and those FREAK me out.

    anywho..i can’t walk in heels, unless they are clogs. Haven’t tried stilletos (sp?) cuz i would prolly break an ankle (make that surely).

  3. mixednuts: There’s a prayer us Muslims say when we hear an animal howling, specifically a donkey or a dog (though unsure about the dog?)

    Maliha: You wouldn’t break an ankle, there are some mini stiletto heels around, there’s no chance i can walk in the traditional stiletto, the really tall ones. Jinns aren’t ghosts and really they have their own universe to live and be happy in, I highly doubt us boring humans would entice them.

  4. Thanks for the plug Maryam! I don’t think jinn and ghosts are quite the same, since Shaitan is considered a jinn too. That woman on the stairway doesn’t share too much in comment with the Prince of Darkness, other than a blinding light!


  5. oh crap. im such a wuss.

    i only read your ghost article and comments and am already scared. mind that its day and i have a baby napping a few feet away. even steve’s comment about some woman on a stairwell freaked me. i quickly turned and looked at mine.

    if you saw me, the fact that im such a wuss would be funny. considering im fairly tall and quite mean. i act as though nothing nor anyone could possibly scare me. but alas i am afraid of the dark too. shh.

    do ghosts exist? sure. theres too much in the world that i have no clue about so im not going to write anything off.

    i like to think i can walk in heels… though if i get spooked, i wont be able to run… or at least run with some dignity. but if you’re running from a ghost/jinn you cant really look glamorous can you?

  6. i don’t belive in ghosts an if ur a muslim u shouldn’t as well coz when u die ur soul goes up {somewhere].

    i hoped the President of mywa is not here reading this i think she might wet her self if she does read this

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