Of crocs and bosses

For everyone out there reeling from the experience of a bad boss, this is for you.

Mr Angry's developed a measurement system based on his previous bad experiences. He describes the meter as such:

Giving no clear direction ahead of time but not hesitating to tell people they are wrong afterwards: Score 5 on the croc meter

Going through endless iterations/document reviews without ever committing to a decision: Score 7.5 on the croc meter

Saying something is wrong when it was your suggestion in the first place: Score 9 on the croc meter

Denying that the error was yours in the first place, even when the canny worker has preserved a paper trail to prove this: Congratulations, a perfect 10

A heartening rant by a fellow IT slave practitioner. I particularly enjoyed reading his likening of Crocodiles to bad bosses and their impact on employees. Mr Angry's the latest addition to my blog roll. Keep checking for more angriness.


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