Reason Drove Me Mad

Its true we love life
But not because we’re used to living
But because we’re used to loving
There’s always some madness in Love
But there’s also always Reason in Madness
~ Thus spoke Zarathustra

Trust is a tricky concept. When you’re in love you can never mistrust the object of your affection. Even when you do, you tend to get over it, real fast. Soothing words, and “Baby, I’d never” do the trick quite well. Love introduces forgiveness. You can forgive anything and its a lot easier than accepting the painful reality that the person you love can hurt you so deeply. Deception cuts. The deeper your love, the deeper the cut.

Maybe being in love is the best state you can ever be in. Because when you are in love, you tend to forgive the most horrendous of mistakes, sins, crimes, and not just against someone else, the figurative “humanity”, but against your self. It replaces the selfishness that consumes the human consciousness with a seemingly infinite supply of good will and sacrifice, for the other person.

For this all consuming poison, I would never want a rotten offspring. Parenthood isn’t something I have experienced, but having parents is. How much would I put up with I wonder, when I have kids. Will I be able to draw the line and cut ties or would I inherit my father’s tenacity?

Can love ever be judicious? What happens when what you love is slowly but surely straightening your smile and souring your spirit? Can you be equitable when your heart’s consumed with love for another person? Even if it may not be a romantic, desirous love.

And why is its never a case of “once bitten, twice shy”? Why don’t we learn from our mistakes? Why are we so prone to loving?

I only have questions.


10 thoughts on “Reason Drove Me Mad

  1. Salaamat,
    without love we have no existence.

    weren’t we born of love, in love, searching for love?

    sigh…such a mushy topic don’t get me started:p

  2. It seems that you already have answers to your questions at the beginning of your post, as the German sage stated.

    “There’s always some madness in Love
    But there’s also always Reason in Madness”

  3. Ahhhh Maryam. My big question is how does one know the difference between attraction, desire, love and lust? And which one will get us into the most trouble? I think the best we can do is try to learn from our past but don’t waste time trying to predict the future.

  4. von: Well that german sage’s quotation is making me stir crazy. i cant deal with reason all the time. I want answers dag namit!

    maliha: get started pls. i reckon the key ingredient is discipline.

    mr angry: we get ourselves into the most trouble. our need to be desired, loved, adored, etc. are you crushing on someone mister? that’ll throw your whole angriness thing out of whack 🙂

  5. Then I recommend seeing Dr. Iqbal at least a week. This is for you from Javed Nama:

    Thou gavest me reason, give me madness too,
    show me the way to inward ecstasy.
    Knowledge takes up residence in the thought,
    love’s lodge is the unsleeping heart;
    so long as knowledge has no portion of love.
    – Allama Iqbal

  6. “When you’re in love you can never mistrust the object of your affection.” Age and experience have made me a huge cynic.

    I trust a liar to lie.
    I trust a thief to steel.
    I trust that nothing last forever, except the love a parent feels for their child. And that love can be there, eventhough in some areas there’s no trust.

  7. it’s like what Goethe said “If I love you, what business is it of yours? 🙂 sometimes its as much about yourself as the object (of love)

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