The O(verage). C(retins).

Perhaps I should create a Miss Angry blog? It's really unbecoming of me to get so heated up on topics with such little significance as this. But here goes. Be warned, I have used profanity in this entry.

How is it that people can sit through an episode of The O.C.?

Who can handle the incessant vacuous babble that pours through the perfectly primped over age actors playing 17 year olds?

Why are they trying to pass off RETARDED for MATURE?

Who are the mind fucked adults who watch this show?

Why can't that Rachel Bilson's character crack her spine during one of her mildly epileptic neck flicks?

Its like a phenomenon now. Supré's selling I Love The O.C. t-shirts. We're producing t-shirts? People BUY them? Does no one else suffer this horror? Mind you, the fact that its Supré should really have given it all away.

I didn't think that stupid people necessarily bred stupid offspring. Not according to this show! Have you seen these dim witted rambling turds? Who wrote this script? How much make up and designer apparel can you throw at something before it becomes barely watchable? The simple answer. You can't!

Be informed that I've never endured an entire hour of this tripe and so avid watchers may well take objection to some of my outraged insults. Go right ahead!

Nothing shocks, surprises or angers these "kids". There's nothing you can say to instill some kind of observable reaction out of them.


Marissa's Mom: I've been living in a trailer park because there's no condo renovation and I've lied to you all this time.

Marissa: Oh gee Mom I knew it wasn't true but… Yeah its fine.

(both hug)

For Crying Out Loud!

I know it's not real but this show and its considerable popularity bug me.

Interesting to note the frequency with which "The Australia Says No To Domestic Violence" ad airs during this show. In the blissful last ad break, it aired twice, broken up only by one other ad.

"But I guess its only fair. These "kids" have faced the worst of their problems by the age of 17. They've done the hard yards and now their life will be smooth sailing", I gush as the credits roll over "The Class of '06" shot.


28 thoughts on “The O(verage). C(retins).

  1. Haha. Don’t even get me started on the O.C. Is the show representative of what it really is like to be a teenager in the U.S? It’s ridiculous. Marissa and Summer look like they strolled off a fashion shoot. They don’t look like teenagers who have quizzes and summer jobs.

  2. Ahahahhah, the anger! The anger! My dear maryam, I hate this show to the point of never watching it. It’s just this generation’s 90210. The idea that it could ever be more than a vacuous hour-long commercial for clothes and pop songs is laughable. Honestly, anybody who places any value on the show has my pity. I stand with the OC hating quartet!

  3. Now take a deep breath in and… breathe out… dere you go , feel better?

    I watched the OC the other day and yes I think its crap, always have and always will…but there was a day unfortunately…I was hooked…I needed to know..if Marissa will cheat on her boyfriend, will she find out her mother has been lying all this time…whether her killing a person actually will make a difference to…whatever…how will she COPE living a middle class life???

    I’m ashamed, so deeply ashamed..but on the good side, I haven’t sinned since. Your still my Queen and I won;t ever ever go against your noble standards again!

  4. I_know_who_you_are: be gone from my sight, for mine eyes will not rest upon your shameful existence!

    everyone else: i’m feeling very accepted. perhaps we can start an OC Anonymous? i confess my rage you confess yours.

    Maliha: my special sympathy for you 🙂

  5. Calm down Maryam!
    I must say great minds think alike. I LOVE to HATE the OC. It should be pigeonholed into daily soap together with “the young and the restless” or something.
    I do watch it though. Please don’t attack me before I finish this. I watch it when I need to exercise my mouth muscles. I basically laugh from start to finish every episode, even when some guy died or some one did drug. Really, this show is retarded!

  6. lol Maryam, despite all the anger, your post gave me a good laugh. I agree, the OC is a pretty worthless show. I’ve lived in Orange County for over 10 years now, and after watching 10 min of “the OC” (all I could handle really), part of me died a little. On the positive side, the show’s popularity is almost inspiring in that it’s actually possible to be a millionaire and lack all degrees of competence at the same time. Wasting a precious hour out of our lives pays Fox pretty well.

  7. Manar: You’re grasping the words out of my heart and vocalising them! You go! Anyway that bit about ppl being incompetent yet rich isn’t heartening at all. What am i busting my balls for?

    truevil: Look i can’t possibly attack you, my best friend watches it. Though i didn’t know this till it was too late, i’m now stuck with an intelligent, astute, kind hearted super duper person who likes The O.C., this blog is my only refuge 😀

  8. It’s haram not to watch the OC!!! That’s what I heard anyways. It’s in the back of the Qur’an… don’t worry.

    PS – I heard the other day drinking is halal. You all better have a beer just to be safe.

  9. 🙂 You people are my Gods. Living, as a teenager, I am constantly and unfailingly bombarded with cruel, vomit-inducing comments like
    “did you see the OC last night? I taped it so I could re-watch it! haha”
    “OMG. I just bought the second-season-OC-box-set. It cost me all my pocket money and I CANT GET ENOUGH!!!”
    It’s all I can do to stop myself saying;
    “OMG. Thats great. I DID watch the OC last night. I think it was somewhere between I’ve-never-been-so-bored-in-my-life, and This-show-makes-me-want-to-kill-myself-with-a-blunt-ax”
    Besdies- if highschool was ACTUALLY like that, do you think ANYBODY would drop out? No…………..

  10. everyone is like going on about how the OC isn’t like representative of reality, but what is the reality of teenagers in america? they are fat and ugly. who wants to see that?certainly not other fat and ugly people.

    Natalia- Hate somethiing worth hating. Hellooooo The OC is just a tv show!

    Happychick- You’re a loser

    Steve- You have alcohol issues

  11. Helllooo your one whos name is sad sack. look who is sad now!!!

    teh OC is the bomb. i bet you are ugly and live in a hole

  12. To my avid readers and haters alike:

    I apologise for my prolonged absence. I’ve been busy doing MYWA stuff (youth organisation we’ve set up).

    I will resume blogging soon-ish and may even be working on an entry as I type (although THAT is impossible).

    Steve: Drinking is Halal, thats my excuse for the alcoholism anyway.

    happychick: I feel your pain.

    Everyone else, thanks for your comments and all that hate 🙂

    Abrar: I will be sure to vote, thanks for letting me know.

  13. I’m sorry, did someone just call me a loser?! LOL! “luv teh oC”…. mmmm…. Well, I respect your stand on who and what I am- though you have never met me- and I’d just like to say-
    You think you are Marissa Cooper, but truthfully, are you one of those fat and ugly people you wrote about? Because then, you should probably stop kidding yourself and call Jenny or something… 😀 Enjoy!

  14. Happychick you are obviously not highly developed enough to understand that it was not meant to be taken literally.

    And my name is not Jenny, that is your fat mommas name.

  15. Hehe- thats funny. My mum weighs 45kgs. Though I suppose that wasn’t meant to be taken seriously either. Let me help you out- when. someone. insults. me. i. take. it. personally. Call me crazy- I don’t appreciate it. Go shoot yourself.

  16. Your not very funny and you don’t have a good grasp of punctuation. It’s obvious that if anyone should shoot themselves, you should.

    Oh yes, and you are crazy (well you did say ‘call me crazy’)

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