The Company T-Shirt: Another Control Option

I wanna write ya name on my teeshirt
right about now
hey hey hey
Yo ya definitely my kinda company
I wanna feel ya next to me
right about now
hey hey hey
Yo ya definitely my kinda company
© Mousse T

It's 8:00am and you've only managed to pry open one of your eyes. Stumble out of bed to realise you're not only late, your fun weekend didn't see you doing any of your washing.

You rummage through the pile of weaves in the bottom of your wardrobe and pull out something that looks remotely like a tshirt. Lucky for you, its your company colour and magic, it has the logo! You decide to don it so you may conceal your tardiness with a sickening layer of perceived loyalty.

Unless thats what goes through people's minds when they don their company t-shirts, I am confounded by the need to have any.

Why do people wear it? Is it some kind of overwhelming sense of pride associated with their place of work, or their employer. Are they sleeping with their bosses and this was the only clean thing available to wear to work the next morning?

Do they feel an incredible sense of achievement because of their jobs?

Is it loyalty they feel, a need to advertise their employer as well their love for their employer?

Maybe its a lot worse than all these transferrable and semi permanent feelings. Maybe it is their Identity. This is it, this is them. Their company is WHO they are. Dear God.

If you haven't already guessed, I have a dim view of company branded clothing, and those that wear it. I look upon company merchandise as the ritualistic acceptance by the slave of his slavery.

I am Slave. Clothe Me.

Lets be subordinate and allow ourselves to be branded. Lets accept ownership by our employers over our individual beings. I don't only work the best party of my life making you [employer] richer, I now belong to you. I wear your name on my chest.

Time permitting I would've written an insightful critique on the power hungry nature of the Organisation, creating a link between company merchandise and the employer's need for domination. It's all a bit sick if you ask me. Not to mention, aesthetically unappealing. I mean, how many hot company tshirts have you seen?


4 thoughts on “The Company T-Shirt: Another Control Option

  1. Salaamat,
    Don’t stop at T-shirts, during staff “appreciation” week, they gave us a gift for every day of the week…

    monday : A mug w/ the company name ALL over it
    tuesday: a duffel bag which would have been cute save for the huge COMPANY NAME all over it
    wednesday: A small picnic basket with plastic flatware…guess? COMPANY Name..
    Thursday: pens plus lunch (at least they didn’t carve the company name into the delis they served).
    Friday: BBQ plus those travelling mugs…company name

    What’s sad is how excited everyone was about the gifts and how every morning people would wonder just what they were getting that day!

    That’s all i need, to travel, go on a picnic, and drink my tea all the while staring at my Company name…yup that should really make my vacation.

    okay…i am done venting…sorry these work posts just touch a HUGE nerve on my side of the pond..and its Monday morning, gray, and raining…and i am here…sigh…

  2. Maliha, it was grey and raining here yesterday as well! :O

    Meanwhile, how exciting is a CUP as a present? Never seen one of those. I cant believe you got such lame-o presents, Especially considering how little it costs them to purchase! I hate stingy presents urgh!

    Having said that, the company I work for is too brooke/too stingy to even show appreciation. BUT the did send around an email (acknowledging one year for me and this other guy). Still waiting for the ticker tape parade.

    Also, when other ppl get excited about these things you really oughta throw something at them. Company merchandise fly well.

  3. the worse is when they are tight t-shirts and you are expected to walk around and advertise them on fairs. then you are truly reeduced to a commodity (also why does this only happen to females??)

  4. urgh, simone, dont tell me you had to do that?

    i see promo girls in town all the time… I feel for them… though they seem pretty eager to do what they’re doing… a facade? they have to wear minis and high boots (unsure exactly which image they’re trying to promote there)

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