The Utility of Internet Searches

It’s hard not to take this personally. Kids using the internet to do searches on various topics, take heed. The fantastic folk at WordPress have informed me that my blog was listed when some poor sod did a search on the terms “fucked” and “maryam”. Someone entered the term “fucked maryam” in their search engine and it listed MY blog.

I’m not ranting about “fucked maryam”. There’s no such link between that search term and my blog. I am Maryam and have used the term “fucked” in one of my posts but that does not mean it need appear in a search based on the two terms together. Now all of a sudden the use of the f word seems extremely rude. I hope Google deploy their intelligent search algorithm, very soon.

Also, WordPress don’t recognise their own name in their dictionary.


5 thoughts on “The Utility of Internet Searches

  1. Yes, and know you’ve said fucked maryam again so you’ll get more search hits on those terms 😉 Hey, I get heaps of sex related searches, partly because I deliberately used sex terms as a joke to attract those terms. To mess with their pervy minds.

    WordPress’s dictionary also doesn’t recognise blog/blogger so it’s pretty damn dumb. If I was to gues, they’ve just bought some off the shelf dictionary and put no effort into it. But it’s a bit much to complain about a free service I spose.

  2. The question is why would someone search “fucked maryam”? I tried searching it on Google and the parental lock blocked all searches! Hey, why doesn’t Google list my blog? This is sad, I’m going to start cussing:-)

  3. Maliha: OMG LOL!!!! Um, that is very depressing and really quite disturbing. EW.

    saly: I don’t have nanny software on my machine so bring on the profanity and ludeness

    Mr Angry: Its clearly not their own dictionary and really, how twisted are you! 🙂

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