Your place, woman

A new and worthwhile addition to the Blogging world and my blog roll, meet Saly.

She writes valiantly about women, respect and religion. Strong words. Powerful imagery. Excellent rebuttal.

"I must save The Hoor. And when I return to Heaven, I will revert to who I was, who I should have been all my mortal life but could not. I will remove the veil from my eternal face, so the mortals can see my true countenance. The confiners, catcallers, pinchers, grabbers, assaulters shall witness The Hoor and know their folly. They shall know the heart they hurt, the soul they stained. They shall beg me for my company which they had refused on earth to wench before my very eyes; for a whiff of my hair which they had pulled ruthlessly in the name of marital right; for a glimpse of my fair face that they had seared with acid to preserve their so-called honour. Do they not see the hidden beauty of a mortal woman? Do they not know what they hurt? Is it not ironic then that they transgress the Muslimah while aspiring for The Hoor, not knowing that the Muslimah and The Hoor are but the same? Before resting my bones in dust, I must serve my time on earth and as I close my eyes at the end of each earthly day I hear my mother say, “my beauty, my Hoor.” I must save The Hoor to protect the beautiful nymph in me. I am The Hoor and I will always believe that."


8 thoughts on “Your place, woman

  1. i am not very familiar w/ the Islam religion and its beliefs but reading this very powerful expression of emotion and sentiment somehow gives me an idea how it is to be a woman in the midst of a religion full of men wanting and hoping only for The Hoor. I did my research and i fear it may not still be enough to understand the real impact of The Hoor among the Muslim people esp. their women, so forgive me if ever I say things that may not be correct. but still i feel for these women, i can sense their emotion for i am a woman too… 🙂

  2. pleasure was all mine here! what i said was true though, reading about The Hoor had quite an impact on me. I’velived and worked in UAE for some time now, but I was never about the Islam’s belief in The Hoor. and reading this powerful expression of sentiment about it thru your post has somehow struck an inner cord within me. I am not a feminist but I love women as a whole and I’ve always been strong about my views about transgressions made against women. til now I wasn’t aware of how deep the level of transgressions tha’s been made against the Muslimah. my eyes have been opened and I’d like to thank you for that… 🙂

  3. Hey Mariam, Thanks for my introduction on your blog. The excerpt looks more impressive here than on my blog:-) I didn’t know where to tell you about Irshad Manji. This is her official website:

    Mayang, thanks for visiting my blog and your comments. I will soon post something more on Houris on my bog, InshAllah. Something more informative. Most Muslim women aren’t jealous of the ‘beings’ though. If you ask the Emaratis they’d tell you about them. But they call them Hour-Al-Ain (pronounced like the town, Al Ain, meaning ‘evil eye’ in Emarati Arabic).

  4. al-‘ayn simply means “eye”. on it’s own it can plausibly be “the (evil) eye”, but hur al-‘ayn would be something like “white of eye” or “with (beautiful) white eyes” (hur meaning “very white”). and as a bonus: the name qurat al-ayn (one of my very favorite) translates to “coolness/comfort to the eye” (a variant of it is found in the qur’an, where the supplication of the believers includes a request for spouses and children that are a coolness to the eye.)

    on a tangent: would we prefer a heaven without sex?

  5. Oh, I would! I quite like the Christian idea of heaven where all ‘good’ people will get to sit in God’s feet. I honestly don’t like the sex bit in Muslim heaven and to be honest I learnt about it quite recently and it doesn’t attract me at all.

  6. ABD: Interesting point. I would very much like to leave the frustrations of sex and all that ties around it behind… and I wouldn’t think that “heaven” would be for physical pleasures… it would be so out of this world, would we still be enjoying earthly pleasures there? I think the bit about the hoor etc is a metaphor, and yes, Qurat al-ayn is a beautiful name. My cousin’s named that and gets called Annie for short.

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