And I thought I was a dreamer!

Tired of reality television not actually depicting reality? Check this post out by Kate Hahn.

Here's a teaser:

American Idol

The finalists approach the panel and hand them a note, which reads: "Fame is meaningless. It is the quest of those who do not know the transitory nature of worldly success. We believe it is only by raising all voices equally that we can reach enlightenment." They sit on the stage in the lotus position and intone "Om" in unison. Paula is the first judge to join in, but soon the rest do, too. Not long after, a steady "Om" rises from the studio audience as well. This spreads into households across the country. Then the world. Humanity finally discovers that there is no reality, just a mental construction shaped by the senses. The planet's population abandons ego and lives in peace.


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