The View From The Driver’s Seat

2:30 pm – Answered a call to drop passenger at International Airport.

As I'm driving there I reflect on the relative oblivion we face while transporting passengers from one destination to another. I don't mind though. Never been one to take much interest in other people's personal stories, unless they feel like sharing, in which case I just listen. Nothing to do with me. But I do like to observe and relfect on the intricacies of human relationships and how they defy pigmentation.

Keeping the a.m. station turned on serves the dual purpose of allaying their concern that I'm listening to their private conversations and gives me a worthwhile distraction. I don't want to know what they're talking about. Private conversations in a 5 seater taxi? Try again.

As I arrive at the pick up spot, two youths approach the cab and as they continue their flirtatious exchanges I unlock and flip open the boot. He puts the one piece luggage in the boot, making me think only one of them is making this trip overseas. She waits for him and when he's done, instructs him to get into the car first.

The consequential pleasantness of a clear autumn day notwithstanding, the youths are completely absorbed in the other's company and happy to ignore my presence. I'm happy to oblige. As his hands struggle to find hers, she moves her bag aside allowing him to complete the connection.

He's awkward with his movements as she tries to fidget around him positioning herself as comfortably as two people restrained by seat belts can be positioned. His tactile affection meets her verbal tenderness and thus continues their exchange.

He teases her about all the good looking girls anticipating his return and she turns away in indignation at his taunts. He watches her sillhouette appreciatively memorsing each bump. He talks excitedly about his new found appreciation of self as she musters a feeble comeback, knowing full well its no match to his boyish jests.

Her inexperience and consequent insecurities shield her from the blazing heat of his affection. An affection that rejects pretence making way for an entirely unabashed exchange. He talks openly of all things meta/physical. His love for her, his desire to be loved, take her from the highs of appreciation to the lows of jealousy. Its so apparent on her face, I'm continually amazed at a young man's inability to read women's minds, and faces.

She wants a doting kind of love that sets her body alive with a single touch. She wants the poetry flowing through his nervous system to permeate her senses.

He's so smitten by her presence he can hardly keep his eyes off her and his hands to himself. He can barely think straight for all the conversation he wants to make before they must part. His hands can find no other refuge but in hers.

She weeps a tiny tear as they near their destination. His heart sinks and his face follows suit. He can't bear her crystalline sorrow. There's no room here for his fears, he must make her feel better by the end of this ride. He's consoling her, she's fighting the torrent of tears banging hard against the floodgates. His playful nature comes to the rescue and he cracks an old favourite. She smiles at first and then suddenly her face lights up as she laughs through tears.

They're so perfectly oblivious of my presence I feel almost voyeuristic.

We arrive, he pays, she gets out of the car. I unlock the boot and he drags his bag out. She walks on ahead.


6 thoughts on “The View From The Driver’s Seat

  1. He departs amongst the flood of tears streaming down her face as he passes through Gate 3 and down the bridge towards the plane, whereby he courageously waves and mouths i love you’s to her finally turns the corner as he waves his final goodbye.. she turns around as she hears an older lady tell her that things will be ok, that love wont keep them apart for long. The girl leaves the airport.
    3 weeks later she realises her is late… realllyyyy late… her stomach turns, her heart flutters at the thought that maybe.. just maybe .. her day dreams are coming true of the happy family life she is on the edge of attaining.. and cant believe that she has found ”the one” so early on.. and how lucky she is to have him.. surely he will move heaven and earth to be with her since she will give him the fruit of their love in a few months..
    The girl quickly, excitedly, calls the boy a thousand miles away to tell him the good news…
    He picks up the phone and in a quivering voice says hello..
    She cannot contain herself and just blurts it out and with her heart filled with love and hope awaits his happy response..
    all she hear is
    ”ah… look.. u sure its mine?..
    ive gotta go, i am busy.. its not a good time, why did u call me? ill call u alright, dont call me back.. i promise to call u soon to talk about it.. maybe ur not pregnant, maybe ur just late. I gotta go out with the boys alright? cya”….
    she sits in stunned silence..
    the quickly dials another number…
    ”um.. hello .. i want to know what payments i can get from u’s guys .. can i get my $4000 baby bonus yet? im a single mum”..

  2. That’s lovely, Mariam!
    And btw, I thought I had come to the wrong blog. The ‘renovation’ is bright and beautiful:-) A complete contrast to the dark ‘Better to have Loved than Lost?’ blog (which had its own charm, btw).
    So, the sun is shinning again?

  3. Maliha: I’m not telling
    Susi: No its not that!
    Saly: THank you, and its Maryam, comeon! And you know that’s an interesting observation you make, I hadn’t thought of that. I’m glad you like the new look 🙂

  4. You know why I ‘misspell’ your name? ‘Mariam’ is on my home computer’s autocorrect (for my daughter’s name), so whenever I type Maryam it corrects on it own. Sorry (blush)!

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