spontaneous existential crisis

am i wasting my life sitting infront of a computer at a desk in an office housed by a company i work for? how much longer will i last sitting behind a desk for all eternity. how will the battle between two conflicting streams of thought “i can’t keep doing this” and “i should shut up and do it” end? its a job,Β work, and it pays the bills. meets my many lavish needs. why then do i feel so wasteful.


8 thoughts on “spontaneous existential crisis

  1. Salamaat,
    hmm..it’s tough…and i wish i could give you advice.

    Save to say I understand exactly where you are.

    I pray you find that which will make you soar (amin)

  2. qwerty: welcome and thanks for your wise words, and so concise too! i’m still finding “the job” that’s made for me… unless I go out and create one, i think i could be waiting for a while.

    maliha: *sigh* i know you know… and thank you for your prayers, as always πŸ™‚

  3. as salaam alaykum,

    it depends on whether your job is your life. if yes, then find a job that’s worth it. if not, find a life outside your job.

    but be careful what you wish for: i asked myself the same question when i was in investment banking and it landed me in a philosophy phd program…

  4. w’salam Abd, you’re right ofcourse in your advice. i on the other hand am flirting madly with the material world and am not about to pack up and move to a rice paddy field to reinvent the wheel πŸ™‚

    i went to a lecture on the weekend about seeking ilm… and i think perhaps my soul (big word) is yearning for that knowledge… and thats why i’m never happy in any job i do.

    i stumbled on yet another realisation on my way home today, perhaps i’m still a child… and need to grow up to really appreciate how the world works so i can stop whinging about it πŸ˜›

    thanks for dropping by

    pps: i can safely say i’m NOT enrolling in a phd program any time soon (or ever :))

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