Swivelling Desktops

I have to blog about this. I try to steer as far away from geeky IT discussions as possible but there is a certain lure to technology that keeps me going. The ability of technology to change someone’s life… and all that other big stuff. But there’s also the funky things. Check this out.

And you thought computers were boring.


4 thoughts on “Swivelling Desktops

  1. It certainly looks cool, but the minimalist side of me is crying violently. What’s the point of turning your desktop into a graphical artshow?

  2. um. its cool Salim come on whats your problem. minimalist schminalist… pfft. 🙂

    it makes your desktop 3d, taking computing to another level. i like the concept that a desktop is movable, you get to see other sides of the same cube and it actually gives you more space.

    the idea also lends itself to the kinds of interfaces we see in the Matrix… dunno what they’re called.

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