i’m sorry

why don’t we want to share our sorrows.

surely something painful when divided is halved.

unfortunately pain has a way of permeating through the hearts of its recipients such that when you tell someone of your ills they are automatically affected by them.

so in a way you’re strengthening the sorrow. keeping it to yourself doesnt help either. so where the fuck do you go.

i cant fathom the fact that my friend’s son killed himself. the sorrow she must feel is incomparable to what i think i feel and know. and knowing that hurts even more.

i cant even type out a tribute to a woman whose tenacity has no match. my words echo the hollownes i feel. i can’t rationalise this or divide it into handle-able chunks.

i cant rationalise this to myself and i cant rationalise it to her.

i have no words.

i’m so sorry.


5 thoughts on “i’m sorry

  1. There are no words. Nothing can possibly compensate but then agains saying nothing at all can seem like you don’t care. A few years ago a friend’s new bride was killed while motorcycling – a hobby he introduced her to. I still can’t imagine how crushing that must have felt.

    In the end all I said was “I don’t want to be part of the endless procession of sympathy givers because I know nothing I say could possibly make you feel better. I’m here if you want to talk but I’ll give you as much space as you need.” That seemed to work.

  2. Sometimes although a problem shared is a problem halved, it can have a bad habit of coming back to bite you on your rear end when your business becomes the talk of the town!

    You really find out who your friends and confidants are at such a time.

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