Things to get angry about

For a steady supply check Mr Angry’s blog (he’s on my blogroll).

This is but a flash in the pan.

1. Disorganisation on someone else’s part and its consequent effect on your work.

2. People who can’t take responsibility for their mistakes.

3. Muesli bars that only start 1/4 of the way down the packet.

4. The diminishing size of individually wrapped consumables. (see 4.)

5. People who feel the need to STOP, TURN and Wave goodbye to the bus driver on a packed bus, on a busy Monday morning when you’re already late for work.

6. People who can’t quite manage the escalator rule. Left side stands, right side walks up, fast. Oh and also, there are two sides of the escalator. Stop standing in the middle.

7. People who dordle on the escalator.

8. People who despite years of accessibility to public transport remain unaware of the fact that there are TWO lines when getting on the bus.

Line 1: Those who are going to pay for their tickets.
Line 2: Those who have any of the prepaid ticketing options (that scan and deduct an amount from the prepaid amout).

9. Ambiguous error messages (don’t isolate the problem for the user).

10. Anally retentive boxed in no personality sell out suck up to authority by conforming completely suck fest colleagues who violate your democratic right as a law abiding tax paying citizen to be yourself via their blind conformance.

11. Ethnics who stare like you’re the first ethnic they’ve seen in this land of goras (white people).*

12.  Kebab shops not run by the original kebab eaters and discoverers. You want  to know why. Because non ethnics that run kebab shops don’t know what they’re doing, ie, they don’t offer fish as a kebab
option and have NO idea how much garlic, chillie, or humous to put on your kebab.

13. Kebab shop owners who demonstrate a keen interest in your ancestry.

14. Having to stay quiet for the first 6 months in a new job before you can demonstrate that you have a personality.

* This is being addressed by including a “How Not To Behave” section in the Pre and Post Arrival Information Pack given to new arrivals. This section will include sub sections, one of which will be titled “Staring” and will be aimed at the Arab, Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Bangladeshi new arrivals **

** This statement is pure jest but wouldn’t it be nice if it weren’t.


9 thoughts on “Things to get angry about

  1. Salamaat,
    hahaha…has it been six months yet at the job? prolly not..

    I like your list too funny! in the states; right side of the escalator is for standing; and left is to rush by. I guess those idiots were americans after all:)

  2. the bus driver is a very important figure and commodity in our society who provides a vital service to the common man. it is our humanistic obligation to give him our salutations and thank him for his services 🙂

    ps: ahahahah number 10 is so funny

  3. My not so happy Jan, hope you are well and not so angry anymore? Totally agree with nos. 2, 6 and 12. Such people have ‘no compassion for our poor nerves’, now do they?

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