Why Work?

At the end of the day, the only thing working (ie, full time paid work, for an employer other than yourself) teaches you is how to put up with crap.



4 thoughts on “Why Work?

  1. but the same lessons were already picked up by having a family. so what gives?

    maybe it’s to learn how to take crap without slamming doors and yelling “i hate you”? instead you learn to say it under your breath. heh.

  2. Salamaat,

    I think if crap means a very “elementary kind of discipline” i agree.

    That is the very minimal kind of discipline to sit in a cubicle for hours on end; not walk around (too much) or take a nap; entertain yourself within means that will not allow you to get caught when you have downtime (which seems like a lot of the time, depending on what you do);
    sit through boring meetings and act interested; put up with the banality of excited co worker; etc etc.

    The amount of crap you have to put up with is directly related to the amount of money you get paid:)

  3. I’m disappointed.
    I thought i’d get more discussion happening but thanks to everyone who did post a comment.

    Hello Lauri and welcome to my blog.

    Maybe work is a refuge for those without any personality?

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