Working Wisdom: Part One

Perhaps this is part one of many to follow? Perhaps not. I wrote this at work and emailed it to myself.

another thing work teaches you is that written skills are optional.

you don’t have to know how to construct a coherent sentence in english to land that next job. thats why i can now safely say that migrants (or refugees) who come here with very high qualifications are unable to find work because they ARE subject to severe discrimnation.

take for example the following gems written by anglo saxon english is my first language or another european language (that makes me better than if my first language was english):

1. The range of pages offered for selection will be chosen to have the currently selected page appear in the centre.

2. Person list view attributes that allow user sorting

3. The columns the grid items can be sorted by shall be distinguishable from those not supporting to sort

4. The range of pages shown at a time will continue to be 10 pages. The selected page will be in the centre of the range of pages shown. (what’s half of ten? five. so what will be in the centre? NOTHING TWIT.)

i’ll endeavour to keep this list updated though that may require copying and pasting 84 page documents.


4 thoughts on “Working Wisdom: Part One

  1. TRue that 😀
    I’m finding increasingly that wading through the mud that’s processess is meant to be done in complete silence. Asking questions is somewhat of an abhorrent trait I need to quickly quash.

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