Good Day

Had a productive day at work today. Found Anita Roddicks’ blog.

Found myself forwarding this entry to all and sundry.

A few weeks back I attended The Body Shop at Home Conference in Louisville Kentucky. Over 1,000 women from all corners of the US arrived with such fire in their bellies – overshadowing anything I have ever experienced in the business world. These women understand there is no real freedom without economic freedom. They have decided they want to own their own business, work when they want to, balance life/family/work, be in charge of their destiny and have fun. During this all-singing, all-dancing gathering you meet women that make your heart beat faster. Women who have come through adversity, women who put their head above the parapet and challenge the status quo and women who quietly get on with their life, affecting through their fierce kindness and generosity all that walk past them. Jonelle, who wasn’t a consultant but a store manage from MacArthur Center in Norfolk, VA brought in to help with the organisation of the event, slipped me this letter. She has given me permission to share it on – it stilled me.

I’m sure you have encountered millions of people in your life but these are some things I wanted to say to you. This is your impact on me….

Because of you and this company, I have just recently gotten out of a very violent marriage. I could not have gotten out so easy if I did not have my self worth and self esteem. I work for a company that supports women in such a passionate way and I felt I needed to set an example. I have helped other women enhance and love who they are versus changing to please the jackasses out there in the world. I adopted my dog from a humane society, love and take care of the horses I ride in competitions and treat animals as citizens. I have learned to try to understand things before I dislike them. Being an open-minded person gets you further in life. A tangible gift can always go away, an emotional impression can last a lifetime. I learned that it’s okay to still try to get through college at 28. Being a cancer survivor has given me a second shot at life. I need to back those people who people consider loud-mouths, not tall enough, considered weak, unable, dependent – all that I have been through has made me stronger. I’m not a fiery Brit like you. I am a short, 28 year old black woman who has a big mouth to make up for her height. I wanna help and be taken seriously… you.



7 thoughts on “Good Day

  1. saly: yes i stole it from maliha’s new kindness blog. hadn’t seen the style before.loved it.

    maliha: i want to but i’m a very mean person 😐
    i’ve been consciously trying to do nice things so i’ll have something to write about, its not working out 😐 😐

  2. “i’ve been consciously trying to do nice things so i’ll have something to write about, its not working out” – that is sooooooooo cute!

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