Call her and say what

Something that’s been in my drafts for a while.

A Love Poem for the Verbally Challenged and Emotinally Inept

i hurt you baby
i made you mad
i know

i cant take it back
i know

i hurt you bad
i know
i know

sorry isnt good enough
hear me out
you haven’t heard it all before!

i’m changing this time
its slow
i know

i’m changing for real this time
i know you know!

i cant live without you
this time its for sure

my heart doesnt beat
the blood in my veins,
it dont flow

silly youre my heart
my life
my soul
dont you know?

you’re crying in the shower now?
yeah I heard
i know

parents are pressing you
tell ’em to back off!
you know?

i’m changing and i’m trying
but i’m warped
…you know
dont you know?

oh her!
we’re friends!
only friends
you already know!

i’m not mad
i’m yelling!
cause…its what i do
dont pretend you don’t know

baby dont cry
this hurts
dont you know!

my blood
my toil
all for you
you know…

whats that?
about your heart?
your life?
your soul?

i dunno

you work it out
you’re good at that
you always do
you know…?


5 thoughts on “Call her and say what

  1. hello girlies! i wasn’t game to post this when i actually wrote it. fanx for your compliments 🙂

    suroor: mournful. it was a sad experience. i was writing from the emotionally challenged lover’s perspective. this is what he would say. (does that make sense?)

    i tried to make it rhyme and what not.

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