Ladies and Gentlmen

I would like to introduce to you, recent additions to my blogroll.

Please meet Mr Aftab, whose entry on the Eagle impressed me due to this clever use of poetry. All verses well used. His latest entry is on the subject of Music in Islam. He covers bands like Junoon, who I did an extended intro for on my radio show.

For something completely different, and more regular reading, meet the Pigeon guy. No, Pigeon Weather man. Um, well, all you need to know is his dry wit and uncanny insight make for a contended read. He did an entry on conforming, (which I can’t find to link to!) which through the use of everyday examples, demonstrated clearly the concept of conformity (/group think). The thing I like most about Pigeon man is his ability to make sense of the world around us despite the randomness of a stretched imagination continually competing for a little air time with the excruciating minutiae of daily life.

Click away happy people.

Gents, welcome to my blogroll.


5 thoughts on “Ladies and Gentlmen

  1. oh it was help-o-matic! I kept skimming over that post thinking, that’s not what its titled. also i searched for the word conforming, or conformity and it didn’t come up with anything.

    Anyway, i love the entire phrase “excruciating minutiae of every day life”.

    you’re welcome πŸ™‚

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