The aftermath of so much anger is sadness. A feeling that sinks deep, finding its way to your bottom most part without actually passing out of your body. It affects your entire nervous system and takes many different forms.

Maybe that’s what’s wrong with people suffereing from depression. Maybe they’re just really angry about something, or a series of things. Maybe the storm of rage they were unable to express has cleared but what remains has plummeted them into an abyss. Hurt takes over and they feel incapacitated by it.

Its so easy to feel paralysed by events.

Maybe we should all invest in a really sturdy punching bag. But you can’t punch the crap out of life or go around punching the people in it.

You somehow find a way to run through mud.

Or do you.


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  1. Salamaat,
    it’s not always muddy; the sun will shine and all this will seem like an unreal nightmare.

    I hope whatever you are going through passes and may God protect you and bless you; His Mercy is so near and it overwhelms us all.

  2. when you feel angry and powerless and defeated and anxious just go into that interior space and ask your divine self to take care of it all- it has the answers and knows how to heal you.

  3. i m in conflict with my own self……I m annoyed , angry , stressed and tired ….i think I m a territorial ape so stifled and conflicted that sheer exhaustion has made me a tyrant…isn`t this the basis of all conflicts?

    i think i have the same feeling as i mention in my blog above!

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