Pro-Choice Question

If you knew your baby was going to grow up to be a pathalogical liar, would you abort?


4 thoughts on “Pro-Choice Question

  1. Salamaat,
    yo Maryam, I am bewildered. What’s going on with all these emo posts?

    are you okay?


    The answer is, knowing the optimist in me, I prolly would just work super hard to raise him right and kick his butt if he turned out crappy like that 🙂

  2. life has got to be a leap of faith, otherwise it drives you crazy. no one knows tomorrow. no one knows how things will turn out in the long run. someone can have a miserable life for a very long time, and then have a wonderful life after that. i should know. it happened to me. i would not have believed it possible twenty years ago.

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