Abbas on The Idle Being

Abbas is a recent acquaintance of mine whose blog I’ve only recently started visiting. We’re also working on an exciting project together. Details later.

Browsing his site, I found this entry. I feel it timely to post it here. I like his observations and the sense of resistance he displays through out his blog.

Here it is in its entirety.

Why have we became so incompetent? Why have we became so mundane? Why are we failing? Laziness and idleness has dawned upon many of us. Our capabilities are not utilized, due to the fear of “working hard,” yet we want to reap great results. Some of us want to implement ambitions and be victorious without putting a good amount of effort into it. Many of us complain and whine whenever we get the opportunity. We must realize that we will not achieve any success, if we do not get our hands wet and dirty. I do not want to sound condescending, but it sometimes gets very irritating when I hear others complain about some of the most minute things! It really burns my heart listening. For God’s sake, our people are starving and it is our duty to help them, not only as Muslims but moral human beings. They are waiting for someone to rescue them. We must stop the criticizing and make ourselves to work even if its displeasing. The world is becoming sluggish day by day and we must resist. This concept applies to everything.

When Sa’d Ansari responded to the Holy Prophet [s] that his hands were calloused because he used to work with a rope and a shovel to earn money to spend for his wife and children, he [s] kissed his hand (as an honour) and said: “This is a hand which the Fire (of Hell) will never touch.”

Usd-ul-Ghabah, vol. 2, p. 269



2 thoughts on “Abbas on The Idle Being

  1. Maryam,

    Thank you for posting on my posting.. I am honored :). It was just one of those days where I got fed up of people complaining and giving up! But we must look at everything in perspective and we must work hard. The measure of success is not how much we achieve, but how many times we fall down and get back up!

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