Big Girls Don’t Cry

But I’m little so that rule doesn’t apply to me. We were invited for dinner at a family friend’s house on Saturday night and I was feeling particularly rubbish. We only got there at 8:40 and dinner was served around 9:00. Not what you want when you’re unwell. After rummaging the Yellow Pages I discovered that the Perthian suburbia is in dire need of surgeries that operate on a Saturday. Clearly the rules were made because people don’t get sick on Saturday. Moreover, a lot of the female doctors (yes I like to see lady doctors) were on leave or only worked when they felt like it every other day!

I was grumpy, in pain, hungry and surrounded by toddlers and teenagers. Perfect avenue for a tantrum to unfold. I should have and wanted to, follow suit some of the younger attendees and throw my fists in the air, stomp my feet on the ground, scream and shout that I want to go home!

The scheme of things is such that there are rules governing the behaviour of adults. I feel that this rule comes in to play when its most inconvenient to my circumstances.

Pseudo Logic goes like this:

Scenario One:

Work is a pain – throw a tantrum.

Oh woops, no can’t do, am an adult.

Must deal with things in a mature and calm manner.

Enter Inner Voice   Ok Just This Once!   Exit Inner Voice

Scenario Two:

Body in pain.

Don’t know what’s wrong. Can’t sort it out. Feeling yuck.

Want to cry.

But can not.

Must deal in adult fashion.

Enter Inner Voice      Nooooo! I WANT TO THROW A TANTRUM YOU STUPID FRICKIN ADULT! I HATE YOU! Aaaaaaaa!!!      Exit Inner Voice

It doesn’t matter how big you get. You still need to cry sometimes to get rid of all the angst. Because the World can be a Cruel Cruel place.
Exit Baby Maryam dragging blanky behind  I want my mommy… *sniff*


7 thoughts on “Big Girls Don’t Cry

  1. Salamaat,
    I wuv you Maryam….i love how you sometimes say exactly what I think…

    i am at work right now..

    *throws tantrum*

    I hope you feel better sis 🙂

  2. In almost all cases our behavior is contextual i.e., people tend to behave in a compeltely different manner if confronted by the same situation but in a different context. So may be all of us do need to cry one time or another. In any case I hope and pray that you get better. 🙂

  3. Throw a tantrum, girl! Come on do it! Girls who stomp their feet and throw tantrums are sexy. Nasal voice is sexy too. Exploit both but please get better soon, koochoopakasha 🙂

  4. see, next time i’m not getting any sympathy from loved ones, i’m just gonna blog about it. you guys are Great! thank you muchly!

    Suroor: Do you want me to report this SECOND incidence of your use of the sacred term *cocks eyebrow*

    Saqi: welcome aboard… thanks for your comment, its very nice to know that someone i dont even know would opt to pray for me. *sniff*

  5. Today the internet kept crashing at work while I was trying to conduct random sampling for a study. I threw a tantrum and hugged the wall and asked for Mama. I had people gingerly patting my shoulder and handing me tea. One should not conform unecessarily:P

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