Tech Heads

Does technology facilitate (or expedite) communication (including personal exchanges) or does it impede communication (including personal exchange)?

I’ve pondered this notion in a previous entry but its a question that still bothers me. And no, this is not a thesis I’m writing that I’m getting you to do the work for. Thank you for your comments.


4 thoughts on “Tech Heads

  1. It depends how technology is used. However technologies do have trajectories i.e., people are more likely to behave in a certain manner if given access to certain technologies e.g., no one ever sat down and invented chat internet lingo but given the way the medium is designed it is likely that it was supposed to arise. We may be at the end of the era in which technology did indeed impede communication but the future looks much brighter. While technologies like letters, fax, e-mail etc facilitate communication in certain ways they impede it in others. To the point one line e-mails can be life savers but at the same time the same technology has been responsible for the death of the art of letter writing.

  2. I agree with Saqi. I am sure for 90% of technological advancement inventors have good intentions, but for almost any thing there is always multiple uses (ie. the tv, internet, etc) and some uses are not so good :). So at the end.. it really depends on the usage 🙂

  3. Technology opens new opportunities. People either uses those opportunities well or badly. Technology is neutral. By my estimate 98% of people are idiots who use technology to make evryone’s life (including their own) worse. Get some self-control people! This constant barrage of noise (mobile phones, IMs, mindless online commentary) is straight out of Shakespeare’s King Lear –

    A tale told by a madman, full of sound and fury, sugnifiying nothing.

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