Ok so its been a bit of a slow blogging week. I’m working on and off and a post and its going to take some time. Also I’ve gone back to work this week so I have less time to write, etc.

While all that’s happening, here’s a dilemma I’m faced with.

I really want to watch TV but there’s nothing on that I can be asborbed in. But I really want to sit infront of it and watch it.

And some people are trying to solve World Hunger. Pfft.


5 thoughts on “Dilemma

  1. Salamaat,
    Kramer is a sell out, boycott seinfeld I say 🙂 hey..you could always get a delicious book, wrap yourself in a blanket, on a comfy chair with hot chocolate and a brownie and have yourself a sumptous evening? 🙂

    ahhh the pleasure of uninterrupted reading…

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