Maryam’s Keenly Observed Facts of Life (Part 2)

Kitten heels, pencil heels and all types of stilleto heels are designed to make women look more ridiculous, be less efficient and still more enslaved.


8 thoughts on “Maryam’s Keenly Observed Facts of Life (Part 2)

  1. well the feminist argument is, heels make women’s bottoms stick out (which is true btw) and hence are tools for yet more over-sexualization of women for male scopic delectation. i actually see validity in that discourse, what findest thou hairbrained in it?

  2. ok awesome! what am i tagged with?

    Maliha: you’re not short? i saw your pic… you don’t “look” short 😐

    anyway, its an enslavement I willingly participate in EVEN THOUGH my heels have been ACHING for 2 weeks 😦

  3. I.B. there are many such items that we can throw into the “enslavement” basket.

    for example, make up, hosiery, low cut tops (and no alternatives), sleeveless tops (and no alternatives).


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