Blunders at Work (Part 1)

We’re launching a new product and the process has been rather poorly organised with updates going back and forth, side to side and around and around. There is no official documentation or templates or process for carrying out the testing process. I’m not pointing fingers but this is what happened when I was asked to give yet another update on Testing.

I’ve had to remove the actual text of the email. The thing you should be noting is the subject heading. I’d typed it before filling out the To and CC fields.

I’m due to go to a meeting that has been scheduled to discuss the updates in ten minutes. Will discover extent of damage then.

Will keep you lot posted.

From: Maryam Khan
Sent: Wednesday, 20 December 2006 3:38 PM
To: Requestor Of Information
Cc: co-worker; boss
Subject: why am i doing this twice? 

Hi Requestor,

Components that have been tested:

·        <>

·         <>

Defects raised:

·         <>


Executed: <>
Passed: <>
Failed: <>

For future test runs, will we be provided with a template where test results can be entered?

Kind regards,

Maryam Khan
Financial Systems Analyst
tel: xxxxxxx
email: xxxxxx

4 thoughts on “Blunders at Work (Part 1)

  1. meeting was a huge success – Not.

    we identified what was going wrong and the project manager left early.

    He made comments like “well the product launch is in… I thought that was already communicated to everyone”

    there was a lot of “but i thought/i assumed that information would have been communicated”

    its just a load of croc. let me organise this thing. Please.

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