The Ultimate Judgement: Deciding Character

How do you decide who has a good character? Is there a list somewhere that I can get a hold off? How would you rate the following qualities (please mark these Indicative of Good Character or Indicative of Bad Character):

  1. Leaving home for a number of days without telling your parents/loved ones where you’re going in order to win over your lady/man love.
  2. Ceasing communication over an argument.
  3. Dishonesty in the face of pressure and fear of abandonment.
  4. Sitting back and waiting for your life to get sorted out automatically.
  5. Proactive attitude
  6. When something goes wrong, sitting back and thinking about how you could’ve avoided the scenario that unfolded rather than contemplating other peoples’ mistakes.
  7. Encouraging familial ties even where none exist.
  8. Criticising others due to your own inefficiences.
  9. Being punctual.
  10. Keeping your word, big or small.

Add your own and let me know what you came up with on these.


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