Fine! I’ll talk about it!

The exclamation points are necessary.

It is said like this:


“I’ll talk about it! Here, you want to listen, fine, pull up a chair and have a speedy Internet connection, you probably don’t want to load wordpress on dial-up – may God help those who are”.

The topic at hand? Marriage of-course! Everyone’s talking about it. Being Muslim and female, its not a topic that is going to leave me until I am married. Its also a topic I’ve purposely stayed away from blogging about bar this one entry. Mainly because while reading Haleem’s blog, I kept leaving long winded comments which made me realise how much I have to say on the issue. I just never write about this stuff because I think someone, somewhere has done it or is doing it, and my words will not shed new light. I got over that because I’m also realising that that’s not what blogging is about. And look, I have even created a Marriage tag! So if you’re after everything I’m gonna write on the topic, just click on the “Marital Matters” category.

First in this series is why i’m afraid of the M word and everything it means.

*grabs a paper bag and breathes deeply into it*

OK here we go… Enjoy.


6 thoughts on “Fine! I’ll talk about it!

  1. hahaha do u know yesterday saima told me that dad asked her “doesn’t maryam ever talk about marriage?” and saima was like “umm no, not really” and he was like “really?” and saima was like “mmmhpm” and dad was like “that is one strange girl.” hahahahahahaha.

    IM MARRYING JENSEN ACKLES EVERYBODY (or as saima likes to call him Mr Apple head)
    *note= he actually does have an apple head

  2. Haleem: I don’t know if this is a geeky thing but I always giggle when someone says “ping me” “ping that” “ping this” I have to make a dirty joke out of it. I’m sad, don’t worry.

    Aliana: YES! The freakin M word. I don’t know why Haleem’s so keen to get married.

    everything: FFS! My family need a hobby!

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