The Tagging Game

Maliha tagged me ages ago but I don’t think I ever published this. So here goes.

I am? Hungry at the moment

I want? Everyone to keep pace with me

I wish? Not telling

I hate? Waiting, holding on

I miss? The company of someone close to my heart

I fear? Anger

I hear I am not? Very patient

I hear I am? Resourceful

I dance? Very badly but I think i’m hot sh!t

I sing? Especially with headphones on at work and I have to supress the urge to do so on the bus

I cry? When I’m upset and feel helpless

I am not always? Patient or forgiving

I make with my hands? Lots of clicking noises as I type on my keyboard

I write? Rarely, I mostly use a keyboard to type

I confuse? Myself a lot

I need? To stick to my goals

I should? Probably invest in some property

I start? My sisters singing whenever I sing

I finish? Eating before anyone else

But now I have no one to tag (Come and befriend Billy-No-Mates here)


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