They say when you find her, you should marry her. The kind of person with whom words are not required. You sit and she feels your thoughts – they float through the ether and make their way into her heart and then travel up to her brain and are exercised through her hands. The skill. The precision. My god, I’m in love. I’m sending the proposal sometime this week. She’s even a year younger than me, though she totally does not look it.

Today’s one of those brilliant rainy days where the sun shone through at about 5:45pm at the hair dressing salon on the ground floor of my building complex. I ladies and gentlemen, was sitting facing a shorter haired version of myself. I looked fabulous! When she was finally done with it,my hairdresser showed me her handy work. It looked amazing! I can never style my own hair and so whenever I go for a cut I walk about super pleased but today I was super duper pleased.

I was so excited I told her I’d marry her, if she’d have me. I got no paper but I give a lot of luurve… πŸ˜‰

I asked her just out of excitement, “Hey you’re not leaving any time soon are you?” to which she quietly responded, well, actually I am… this is my last week here. See, you just never know till you ask!

Thank God I did too, I know where she’s going to and now I’m going to be scheduling all my appointments to that salon. She never asks me how she should do it, she just does it! And she always does something different and always makes it look AMAZING!

I’m singing today. I’m chirruping. Its amazing what a good cut will do to you.

She even complimented me, she said I have gorgeous hair, I just need to get it cut regulary.

Today I have the world on a string, sitting on a rainbow. I’ve got the string around my fingers… What a world…! What a life! I’m in looooooveeeeeee…. πŸ˜‰

I’ve been this excited before, read here.


5 thoughts on “Like…Wow!

  1. hahaha. I LOVE haircuts. I need to find that special woman in my locality. Hair cuts are amazing… they are some sort of instant … reagents to make you happy!

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