Miss Honest

So this is the situation, the person who signs off on your timesheets wants to know why you haven’t noted down the actual hours you’ve worked. She claims, is certain, that you’ve been putting in over time because it probably feels that way to her. Perhaps I’m doing a really good job of looking like I’m working HARD.

I was told “We’ve spoken about this before, you should record the time that you did, and no need to record a time where you left early.” I said, well, it would’ve been a bit obvious if I didn’t because I had to take X’s permission to leave. Also, I have recorded days when I’ve worked over time.

She seemed puzzled.

Now, should I have lied and said, oh yeah, ok, I’ll go change it now thereby not contradicting her belief that I have been working my little fingers to the bone every day OR was what I did right, ie, informed her that her opinion of me is highly inflated and I infact only do the 7.5 hours I bill them for.

Its just that you should never actively participate in lowering someone’s opinion of you, or perhpas, I’ve wowed her with my sense of honesty? Then again some people think honesty is comparable to stupidity.



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