Liberate Yourself, Dance

I’ve always wanted to learn how to dance, and am still obsessed with perfecting movement based on the notes in a musical piece. To move with perfection denotes harmony – a unison of your insides, with your outsides, with rythm. Like that magic moment when your heart and mind meet and click. Like your creative energies found an outlet.

Dancing gives you a break from reality. That’s what music does for me. Forget the crap, and just dance. Let it out in movement. I can never dance in front of someone else, I’m even conscious in front of my sisters. But in a crowd amidst 100 other girls, yes, I can let loose.

Strangely though, kick boxing gives me the same joy. Perhaps the link is movement, flow of energy, excitement, harnessing your power and then directing it. Possibly?

I leave you with words from a dance student, perhaps she was quoting another?

Words are not enough, so, I dance.


6 thoughts on “Liberate Yourself, Dance

  1. I think the fluidity of dance is soothing to the soul too and I love pajamas in my room, out with friends, wherever…its just fun!

  2. Salacious: Women named Salacious who can’t dance? well, i don’t believe that for a second. when i say i like to dance, it doesn’t by any stretch of the imagination mean i can dance well. picture, elaine from seinfeld – oh yeah! actually i never ever used to dance at these girls only events, i was too good for it 😛

    the last one i went to a friend of mine pulled me on and taught me how to shake it (belly dancer style) and i was wearing a red hot wrap around with hair down, so ithought lets just do this. the atmosphere was very low key so i got away with my spastic dancing 🙂

    haleem: you’re so funny. it jus blows my mind.

    ruby: dancing in pyjamas? mate, its the only way to do it! the daggier the jammies the funner the dancing 😉

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