Baby Love

I spent the afternoon winning the favour of a two year old.

After a slow start, baby was still waking up, we ended the day being bossom buddies, actually, I was elevated to Mama. She put her hands on my neck, just inside the neckline of my kameez and called me Mama. Beat That.

Fickle as children’s affections go, by the time they were leaving, I was a distant memory. She was getting everyone ready to go because Papa is leaving abhi (now).

How did I woo this child, you may ask. Well, it was easy. I played horsie. This poor infant is being deprived in her home because she has never ever played horsie with any one in the family. The thing that fascinates me about children is that they really are a blank slate. They learn how to do everything, even swallow! Its so amazing! From everything on the table she only wanted to eat sauce in a plate with a spoon which she had to carefully balance to get to Papa in order to commence consumption. But what am I saying, she had me at hello.

Realising this child needs entertainment I got her dancing, by playing a track on the computer and taking her hands in mine and moving them about. When I realised this looked spastic and she wasn’t getting the hang of it, I grabbed her up and moved with her. She LOVED it. She just could not get enough, she was laughing with glee. My ego was inflating.

I was really keen to throw her in the air and catch her but a few things prevented me from doing this. Firstly, she’s not a small baby and I wasn’t sure I could catch her. Secondly, I’d never done that with a child and though my uncle does it with any baby who enters the house, he’s taller, stronger and has had a few kids of his own. So I decided to give her a piggy back around the house. Got her to put her hands around my neck and wrap her legs around me as I lifted her on my back. This poor child has been deprived of that as well. While playing around with her, I asked myself how a mother could ever be unfit. Children really make you work out!

Anyway, we had a great time. I was teaching her to say pink, which she didn’t pick up. But when it came time to playing doctor, I called her “chotu baby” which she immediately repeated and later related to her Mama (the real one). After this, all we wanted to do was yelp excitedly at random intervals and play footsies. We also tried on shoes, when her shoe didn’t fit me, she opened the front strap, undoing the whole thing to see if it would work. Eventually gave up and just put it on herself.

Since her hands were grubby and nose was itchy, I grabbed a kleenex and asked her to blow in it, to which she responded by inhaling deeply. Cute! I said, no, the other way. So she blew into the kleenex and when she realised she wasn’t blowing hard enough she supplemented the activity with a blowing noise from her mouth. How can people not like children, is my question to you.

We then went to wash our hands and I was amazed at how much fun splashing about in a little plastic pitcher of water was for her. The cutest thing she did by far was when I was drying her hands with my big towel she rubbed her face into my hands because ofcourse, we need to clean the face as well, never mind that we didnt wash it. I think I must’ve been washing her hands at a time when her mum gives her a bath because after that the ear needed cleaning. To my satisfaction she stood very still as I gently cleaned out her ear. After this she went into my room and reached out for something while looking at me sitting in the lounge. I asked her to bring out whatever she wanted.

So she came out with my big foundation applicator brush. CUTIE!

I got her to close her eyes and gently ran my fingers over her face to make her feel that she’d got foundation on.

After that she had to wear lippie. So i grabbed a lip gloss, got her to close her eyes, wet my pinky finger and ran it over her little lips. She had the look of a very content little person. And then, ofcourse the hair. So now that it was all done, she ran up to me and just huddled into me and sat content and happy. She looked very pretty, everyone told her so.   I was her best friend and I scored a kiss.

Can a girl ask for more?


5 thoughts on “Baby Love

  1. Being an “auntie” is more fun than being a mum because you get to give the kids back 🙂 It does sound like you’ll be a wonderful mum but I’ll give you one warning: Kids don’t get tired of being picked up/carried/thrown in the air. EVER. You do it once and they’ll ask for it again and again and again. And they don’t understand how you can be tired because they’re not. Still the best thing in the world though.

  2. “It does sound like you’ll be a wonderful mum” — coming from a parent that means the world, i hope you’re not just saying it.

    i never cottoned on to that “you pick ’em up once, you gotta pick ’em up all the time” thing. maybe that’s why the kid’s parents never played horsie 🙂

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