Thanks to Natalia, here’s five things you didn’t know about me. They could be totally made up because possibly, I don’t want you to know them.

1. I have a middle name – shock.

2. I cannot ride a bicycle.

3. I have a bad temper.

4. I’m bad with money and if someone owes me money I can never ask for it back.

5. I relish picking out spelling and grammatical errors in a document.

I tag, Saqi, Haleem, Dreamlife, Aliana and hm… do I even have five people on my blog roll, oh yes, Mr Angry! I think Mr Angry mentioned it somewhere that he doesn’t like to do these tagging things so I’m tagging Everything Is Eventual.

Edit (March 18, 2007):

Suroori, you’ve already done a five things thing so you don’t get tagged.

I’m tagging Suroor also.


5 thoughts on “Tagged

  1. thanx…i’ll need to give it some thought.

    but, can i copy number 2 and 5 from you?

    not so much 5 – i don’t “relish” it, it jumps out at me, thats all.

    number 2 though, definitely true.

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