In Case You Hadn’t Noticed

I can appreciate that subtlety is not a man’s strongest attribute. In fact, I’ve been told that some men may even be devoid of this trait entirely. I never believe it, I always think unless you’re drunk or a severly underpriviliged and frustrated male from a developing country, there’s no need to act obnoxiously by staring at someone like you’re boring holes in them (or whatever). Today’s episode however disproves this.

I normally eat at this Malaysian place a little walk away from work. It’s not as packed as the other Malaysian place that’s opposite another little Singaporean place. Perfect place to poke fun perve at the desi and fob talent (where fob implies all nationalities. I’m not prejudiced, I make fun of everyone equally).

So the place I go to is pretty safe. It’s not packed and people who eat there don’t really care who comes and goes. As opposed to the other Malaysian place where I got stared at the entire time I was there, I was on my phone, so maybe that had something to do with it? Like, maybe no one talks on their phone at that place? Another time I was there with my best friend and her male friend. We walked in, found a table and sat down. I’d only just met this guy and even he noted that I had fans. Like its not embarassing enough being stared at when you’re there alone, they have to stare when you’re with other people such that the company you’re with have to point it out to you. It’s great. *shakes head*

So I go into my usual place and we have starers. A table of four men who happen to be faced toward the entrance look at me as I walk in (I’m on the phone this time as well). That’s ok, someone just walked in, you’re looking at who. Ok.

I walk toward the food and we’re still staring. Ok.

I stand in the line, waiting for my food, still with the staring. Hmm…

I’m ordering my food and paying, and taking it from the end of the line and then collecting cutlery and then going to a table to sit… stare patrol is in full swing!

I go to sit. Staring. I start to eat. Staring. Right.

It’s a pity they didn’t have a camera with them. I would’ve asked them to take a picture cause it lasts longer. This is just typical ethnic behaviour. These guys were a bit older and Malay but this happens a lot with the lovely brownies and Arabs. Just a little tip for men out there. If you want to, just come up to us and make conversation. Believe me its a lot better than boring holes into someone.

Although, now that I’ve said that, once this guy started talking to me on the bus (perfect hostage situation) and ended the conversation with wanting my number. He was 34. Scenario was repeated with a 21 year old.

So maybe you’re doomed if you do and doomed if you don’t? Yeesh!


5 thoughts on “In Case You Hadn’t Noticed

  1. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I felt I got stared at a whole lot more when I covered my hair than I did without

  2. For all the males out there, young and old, I apologize on behalf of my gender. Also, in defence of gender maybe its just that you are just that beutiful. Sometimes we just cant seem to look away when some one is just that beutiful :-).

  3. I won’t defend guys either, most of them are jerks. I’m sorry for you though, Maryam, because there’s not alot you can really do. I guess you can take away the fact that they wanted to stare at you, it must mean something good right; especially at your age. 😛 Heh…

  4. suroori: yeah!

    IB: really? but only muslim ppl go to the places i’ve talked about here… so its not like a covered woman is rare?

    zulfaqar: Gosh! I’m all tingly with big headedness. I’d like to think that i am really so beautiful that onlookers will walk into poles while staring at me but that’s just simply not true… even though i’d like it to be 🙂

    steve: ha! funny man! i dont take anything good from being gawked at. if it was a guy closer to my age who was kind of being subtle about it and just showed up everytime i was there and tried to make converstaion… yeah sure, then i’d be flattered, irrespective of my age 😛

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