The Pretence of Love

You’ll always know when it hits. You’ll know it the instant it arrives and you’ll know what it is. Sometimes it takes a while after the fact. It takes time for your heart to catch up with the rest of your body. The heart is the first to give way, never listening to the brain. It feels first and it reacts first. Whatever your mind gives your mouth to say, doesn’t alter the happy humming of your heart. The humming becomes catchy and soon your brain starts tapping along and on goes the happy train untill reality puts the breaks in pushing you over the edge and pulling you back in time.

Once angry adrenalin leaves your system and your logic evaporates, your heart starts to hurt. Its always a dull, heavy tugging that makes you feel like its being weighed down. Always down.

Is love not sacrifice? And do we not lovingly sacrifice? If so, why the tears.


7 thoughts on “The Pretence of Love

  1. That is sweet. I want to know the instant it hits me. I used to criticize friends in love for doing stupid things. Of letting their logic go haywire over some GIRL. Now in a similar position I find the irony amazing.

  2. Sometimes the pain associated with sacrifice is to do with loss. Whereever there is the feeling or potential for some sort of loss, there is pain.

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