Maryam’s Keenly Observed Facts of Life (Part 33)

If finding a good man was like picking consumables off shelves, perfecting the art of shopping would have indeed been a worthwhile pursuit.


11 thoughts on “Maryam’s Keenly Observed Facts of Life (Part 33)

  1. Hmmm, somethingtobe you are using consumerist metaphors in describing real life situations. It just shows how pervasive these metaphors have become. Well the coorporations win!

  2. faraz: i’m right here.

    aliana: i choose these metaphors purposely. as a woman i spend a considerable amount of time in shopping outlets, you’re right, its fitting for my life.

  3. good man??????? All I see around me is man but no good……..if it wasn’t for books and movies I wouldn’t even know if there was such a thing as “good man”.

  4. somethingtobe, good we agree (finally!)

    Sumera, Chekov said it best when he said that man will become better if he sees what he really is. I am sure he was talking about man and not all humans.

  5. hera*: awww sweetie, they do exist. chin up love you’ll meet one one day 🙂

    sumera: oh! GOOD ONE! wow you! (that’s love you, sufyan style)

    aliana: you know these dead ppl you keep quoting, provide no insight into my life as it stands now.

  6. If it makes you happy then from now I will quote the great dame herself – i.e., myself. I will keep the other *characters* out of the conversation.

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