Maryam’s Dead Ended, Seemingly Rhetorical but Generally Futile Questions about Life (Part 4)

If more people told more of the truth more of the time, would you respect them more?


10 thoughts on “Maryam’s Dead Ended, Seemingly Rhetorical but Generally Futile Questions about Life (Part 4)

  1. Jalaluddin (Akbar), I suppose that Maryam has inquired about the truth and not about the people.

    And if this is so then, Yes, I would respect that truth more. And I believe it’s quite normal and sometimes customary too.

  2. Personally, I would but evidence suggests this isn’t necessarily the best way to get ahead in life. Plus, we have to consider both that “truth” can be subjective and the way that “truth” is told can have a huge influence in how much I respect someone.

    Arrogance can undermine truth very easily.

  3. jalal: as if you have to ask

    automata: i’m not talking about “the truth” i’m talking about the ppl. if everyone was more honest with each other would we respect them more for what they actually think? or would we despise them more for knowing what they actually think?

    Mr angry: so you’re saying that No, we would not respect those ppl more for speaking their minds… ?

  4. Hang on a minute – the original question asks about “more of the truth”, then you use the phrase “more honest with each other”, and then you ask about ppl “speaking their minds”.

    Which do you mean ? My answers to those would be “infinitesimally small chance of experiencing that”, “yes” and “if their spoken mind were respectable”.

    Can i ask you to please clarify the intent of the question ? Were you enquiring about truth, honesty, venting spleens, d) a colourful combination thereof e) none of the above ?

  5. pest: i was asking about truth, honesty. if people were more honest about how they felt on certain issues, topics, daily happenings and if they didnt just give you the socially acceptable answer – would you respect them more, esp if their views were in direct opposition to yours ?

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