The World Spins, We Spin With It

What’s got you buggin’? What makes you tick? What makes cheaters, rapists, killers, thieves?

What keeps the world turning?

How do children develop into adults, what makes their life experiences prominent? How do experiences shape lives?

How does life evolve and where do we fit into this great big mess called life on Earth?

What makes the kids of today tick? What drives them?

Who makes their choices and how are these choices made? What can I do to help them make better choices? How can I give them room to grow, safety to experiment, love to foster learning and growth, and the knowledge that they are free from the lurking evils? How can I give to them freedom from futile pursuits, languid intoxication, lustful sympathies and wasteful company? What makes /made me different to other kids, why was wasteful pleasure never my retreat?

Where are our role models? Whose schooling our kids? Where are they inheriting their values, attitudes and life goals from?

Where are you inheriting yours?

What can I give you other than my life as an example that yours can be better? What can I make for you, do to you, teach you, show you , how can I love you and encourage you to make you believe you’re better, stronger, smarter and more worthy than what you’ve made yourself be?

What’s so special about being able to express an identity fashioned by popular culture and when did independence go sour? Where are the voices of the sensible, and the wise? Why don’t we listen to our elders? What happened to our youth, why does being a kid stop at age 6? Why is it merely frivolous when it could be completely adventurous?What will make you believe that you’re not young forever? What will convince you that tiniest character flaw can become a habit? Crime. Wastefulness. Carelessness. Idleness. Frustrations. Why dont you care? What can i do to make you see?

Why is the world spinning out of control and our lives being sold for fuel at the bowser? Why is the world in such a god awful mess and why aren’t enough people doing something to make it better?


2 thoughts on “The World Spins, We Spin With It

  1. I can’t believe no one has commented on this entry.

    Every question you ask here is a valid one, and certainly many well-intentioned individuals have asked these same questions before. Our problem is that we’re so quick to ask the questions, but very slow in providing the answers. We all think it’s someone else’s responsibility to answer the questions, when really the answers lie within ourselves.

    We need to be the change we want to see in the world. I should be a better person. I’m not. So if I want to bring change to society, I need to start with making myself a better person.

  2. Thanks for being the first.

    I understand what you’re saying and being the change I want to see in the World is my personal motto. Having said that, in this entry i’m looking for the solutions.

    I can change for the better and that will cause a ripple effect within my sphere of influence. But what do i say to the kid who is hell bent on ruining his or her life because his influences have not been that positive?

    I’m talking about the here and now situations.

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