Maryam’s Keenly Observed Fact of Life (Part 41)

Do you know why you should never bring up points of difference with people you work with? Why HR never actually resolve conflicts between people? It’s not because there aren’t any conflicts to resolve or that they’re all one big happily humming kettle of emotionally intelligent equally competent workers. Its because no one knows how to deal with conflict. You can never anticipate the other guy’s handling capacity. His/Her handling capacity could be pretty much non-existent compared to yours. So that’s why you should never address issues that bother you because the other guy will just throw them back in your face with an insolent look on his face. Welcome to the Working World. We don’t like each other and we definitely don’t like YOU.

Unless ofcourse you’re happy to plod along without objecting to other people’s rudeness and incompetence.


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