For Your Information

If you are someone who talks to me online or off, here’s something you should become aware of, since it is of somewhat a deep and serious interest to you.

I, Maryam Khan, am not:

1) Married

2) Getting married any time soon (not that I know of anyway, wallahoalam)

3) Engaged

4) Seeing someone

5) Interested in someone

6) Interested in seeing someone

I am Single.

It’s not an ailment, its a state of being WITHOUT a romantic love interest in one’s life.

<Advisory Warning: What you’re about to hear might shock and even offend you, specially if you’re in a relationship>

And guess what, it’s actually, OK to be in such a state.

If your life is marred by the companionship of another and you cannot but help for me to feel the vomit like conformity that you experience on a daily basis, take my advice and delay that phone call, ignore the niggling feeling you’re experiencing, much like an itch on the inside of your throat that needs scratching to ask me any of the following:

“So… you seeing anyone?”
“Wedding bells soon for you then?”
“Hey, so you got someone in your life?”

I’m saying something politely, and in many words that I would often say using 2 choice words. You’re intelligent, heck you’re married, why wouldn’t you be… Figure it out.

As for me, I’ve recently over come the emotional roadblock causing in me the longing to be one part of a happy duo. So thank you so much for your completely insincere and empty concern but I’m actually happy not being in a relationship.

Maybe one day, you will be able to see it my way.

Maybe one day you’ll realise that what defines you does not so another person. Maybe one day you’ll become conversationally mature enough to have a verbal exchange with another person about your mutual interests, rather than limiting the exchange to the 2 ideas that monitor your life. House and Husband.

Maybe one day, you’ll treat me the way I treat you, and maybe you might even see me the way I see you, as a multi-dimensional human being with more to offer the world than their life with a partner.

Maybe one day you’ll have something more to offer.


13 thoughts on “For Your Information

  1. If I could agree more than 100% I would.

    And, please stop listening to idiotic people, and if you do, then please dont pay attention to them. It gives them too much credit.

  2. No offence, but I hope I never see a reason to see it your way.

    Not that you can’t feel whatever you like without it being any of my business, but I’m happily not single, and I know that becoming single again would be a cause for great unhappiness.

    In much the same way that you may be happy without a hypothetical sports car, but if my hypothetical sports car was taken away from me it would make me pretty upset.

    But no, I’m not going to try to persuade you that you want a sports car (hypothetical or not), that would be foolish and arrogant.

  3. I think your blog is interesting. You are a good writer with a lot of depth. I have some single friends who are happy and feel called to be single. I love them for that. It takes strength and courage to be single and to be in a committed relationship.

  4. One can be content being single but I cannot understand how being in a not-bad relationship be not HAPPIER than being single.

    Also, I cannot think of a person who would not prefer having a sincere companion to not and who would not prefer having physical relations to not.

    DISCLAIMER: Never been married or lived with a partner

  5. A: is that really your email address? far out!

    Also, read my latest entry. I’m not sure where i’ve indicated that I am repelled by companionship. Maybe you should read the post again? Actually maybe a few of the other commentators should as well? I’m just confused about why people are getting defensive.

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