No, I don’t hate people or relationships…yeesh!

You know its interesting, when you tell people you’re totally content with the life you have right now. They’ll generally find a reason for it being so. Because there always has to be a reason behind satisfaction. That’s how dissatisfied and wanting we’ve become. You can no longer be satisfied because you’re a grateful person. You apparently, always need a reason to be so. Not necessarily because you decided, a little while ago, that you would consciously be grateful for what you have and where you are rather than incessantly chase the satisfaction that has eluded you time and time again.

There comes a point in your life where you realise exactly how blessed you are to lead the life you do and that closeness to God doesn’t come from wanting more of this physical world or from praying for what you don’t have. Rather, you need to start being grateful for what you do have and cherish the luxuries He’s endowed on your unworthy self. All you have to do is think of the dude down the street who can’t pay his bills this week… and you’ll know what I mean.

With regards to my last entry, no where have I said that if the opportunity for marital bliss presented itself that I would turn it down. Nor was I mocking or belittling those currently in a relationship. If my friends are engaged in a relationship that gives them joy, that makes me happy as well. It lifts my spirits to see them joyous and content. My only issue is with the vacuous mindset that disallows processing thoughts outside of a specified set of rules.

Those being, you get older, you get married, you have kids and you buy a house.

Um. Woohoo. That doesn’t excite me. Being a sheep does nothing for me. Not to say that when I do inshallah get married I wouldn’t like to have a house and kids. I am however not sitting around waiting to get married so I can secure my financial future by buying a property. But I mean that’s just me. I’m not telling anyone else that they maybe should’ve waited before plunging head long into a relationship without any sense of financial security, or actually developing a sense of themselves… for example.

My issue is pretty simple. I find that people in general seem to not be able to talk about things outside of their lives and their selves. This is compounded if you are in a relationship because all of a sudden, the other person takes a hold of your mind and that’s that. I find this a little disturbing especially considering the world we currently live in.

So, you go ahead and be happy in your relationships, I take no issue with that. In fact, I’m happy for you. But for the love of all things decent, pull your head out every now and then to sniff the environmental nightmare you’re planning to raise your families in. Maybe if we all gave just a few hours of our precious time to help out where we’re needed, to those who maybe don’t have as much as we do, we can start to make a dent in the heavy cloud of grief enveloping our world.


14 thoughts on “No, I don’t hate people or relationships…yeesh!

  1. Regarding the point on why people like to confine themselves in their own little worlds i.e., not thinking outside of their lives, I think it is because for most people the world actually starts and ends at themselves. Also give the pace of the modern life one cannot always blame them for thinking in this manner. There are times that I feel if I should give up on humanity. And sometimes I have my escapist moments and then the escapist and the non-escapist in me compromise in search of another perspective, something which is not mine and yet mine – and that is why I am Aliana.

  2. no that doesnt make any sense.

    the world isn’t moving THAT fast that we simply can’t jump on the ride.

    a lot of people are being left behind because of the selfish self centeredness of everyone else. coz we’re not actually interested in the other person. its all about US. as long as we’re ok… well, i’m sorry but that’s the best way to create isolation in a world chock full of people.

  3. A verse most appropriate for this occassion would be,

    khuda kai aashiq tou haain hazaroun, banoun mai phirtay haain maray maray
    mai uska banada banou gaa jis kou khuda kai bandou sai hou ga pyar

  4. jalal: come now, dont tease. you know we live miles apart. but if i visit karachi, i’ll be sure to give you a ring. my family shouldn’t mind, i’ll tell them you’re actually gay so it doesnt count… (???)

    sumera: they’re freakin stupid

    jahandost: welcome and i’d really like to understand that shair…

    somethingtobe: take a freakin chill pill

  5. So you want people to stop being shallow and craving things that the can use as artifical measures of their satisfaction/success? AND you want people to peek outside their bubble and realise that there is a cosmos that exists outside of their own life and/or relationship?

    Wow, you set high goals.

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