Green Light


Alarm bells sound and my heart explodes inside my rib cage as I struggle to regain composure in time to answer your call.

Fighting the manic adrenalin surging through my veins, I press the answer key and whimper the uncertain hello that begins our awkward exchange. The meaningful emptiness of this conversation prolonged at each end by our separation, add fuel to the steam train pumping nervous energy through my system.

Your voice reverberates through my mind recalling ancient histories. Memories that pick open the scabs of recently closed wounds. Like a junkie, I take the sting for the pleasure of new wounds. Come back. I miss you.


6 thoughts on “Green Light

  1. 🙂 your words have done my feelings justice. Now lets wait for the day that its him on the other end and my heart doesnt even beat 🙂 Thanks babe. It was beautiful

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