What’s Love Got To Do With It?

heartI think love is scary. Only because of what it shows you about yourself. They say love is selfless and in every way virtuous. My question is how many people actually experience/demonstrate real selfless boundless love? How many people are actually worth it?

I’ve found that love is just a reaction to someone. Its the way they make you feel that makes you fall “in love” with them. Everything is perception. Your reaction to another person dictates your feelings for them and often times has very little to do with that person themselves. Sometimes we fall for a feeling or a perception and that’s why I think a lot of relationships fizzle out. Because you’ll never feel one way for the rest of your life. So its not really someone else’s fault that the magic is gone. Perhaps you’ve changed. Perhaps they’ve changed. You can never really bring back a feeling or a memory. All you can do is cling on to it and hold it up as a victorious memory of a time when you were, very much, in Love.



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