Marriage: The five hundred and seventy fifth issue

To be or not to be involved in the match making process

There’s a fine line between blissful ignorance and being involved in the match making process.You can certainly over engineer the process and be equally uninvolved and have your destiny shaped to a tune of your disapproval. The question remains however, how involved should a future bride/groom be in the process of spouse picking.

While I have concerns about particular match making methodologies I maintain reservations about getting heavily involved in the process. I really believe that ignorance is bliss though my other problem is, ignorance creates frustration because intentions and methods are not conveyed.

There are times when things go so incredibly slow you’d swear you’d grown an inch taller and then at others, the people you rely on to crawl at a snail’s pace move with the speed and accuracy of a hawk. All of this remains a total mystery to me, a person with terminal OCD.

I suppose my confusion, frustration and concerns can all be boiled down to an aversion to involvement in my parent’s affairs. I find it hard to share the laundry, the kitchen and general living space with my family, let alone comb  together with theirs the various and diverse threads of my imagination. So where is the half way mark where we can meet each other?

I used to hear about times gone past when parents would efficiently match make their children and they would meet for the first time and all further events would signal a green light ending in inevitable marital bliss. It really sucked when the couple were also very happy with each other. You don’t hear such stories anymore. I guess I can change my social associations and seek out the happy stories. Maybe this is the part of my life where harsh realities become harsher and more relevant. I always think of marriage as a commodity. I’ll get married but my life won’t necessarily change – or rather it’ll change according to my wishes and all will be well. It’s time to face the facts I guess of a supposedly content ever after. Life’s hard enough without trying to cater for possibilities that I have no certainty around.

Perhaps its time to just relent and allow the forces to work their magic.


3 thoughts on “Marriage: The five hundred and seventy fifth issue

  1. “There’s a fine line between blissful ignorance and being involved in the match making process”


    p.s. posted this in teh wrong post before.. SOWWIE

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